A$AP Caro

It's pretty rad when you find out someone shares the same birthday as you, year and everything.


Holy Shit

The other night, I bought tickets to see Onra. The first thing I did after was Instagram dat shit.

I first heard his music when I saw him at my favorite bar downtown. Since then, his music's been playing wherever I go; whether I'm at home, on my way to work, at work, or when I'm DJing after, it's always on. It's just so well thought out and put together, so naturally, I jumped on the chance to see him again. Anyway, I nearly shat myself when he liked and commented my picture. Yeah, I tagged him, but that was definitely unexpected.


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4th of July

Some much needed R&R.


My friend Tak taking a drunken dip in the pool. Yeee!

Our new friend, Mo!


Hola! It's been a minute. Since my last post, things have been pretty hectic. I was so glad I got to take a break from it all on 4th of July though. I know I'm late in the game, but here's a recap:

We started our day off at The Standard Hotel in DTLA. Later on in the day, the sun came out! The music played, the drinks poured, and the people danced. We had an amazing time enjoying everyone's company. After that, we ended the night at a friend's house where we relaxed over a fake fire and enjoyed delicious cheese plates.

How was your 4th?



I saw Onra live for the first time not too long ago. His music is amazing, plus this guy is just so damn nice to look at. Here's a little somethin' somethin' he posted to his Facebook. Unce unce unce. Enjoy!


Unce unce unce

Top: American Rag Cie (vintage section) | Wrist watch: vintage Gucci | Nail polish: OPI "The Thrill of Brazil"

This is one of my favorite blouses ever. The buttons are hidden underneath a pleat, which I love, and the gigantic bow is like the cherry on top. The watch was gifted to me from my mom. She did really well at her old company so when the time came, they offered her a bundle of gifts to choose from. Between a Dooney & Bourke bag, this wrist watch, and a handful of other goodies, she picked the watch and ended up wearing it everyday. Twenty something years later, she retired it to me :) now I wear this watch everyday. In fact, I have a pretty rad tanline from it.

What are your favorite items in your closet?




I've been working out a lot lately. Well, not a lot, a lot per se, but I've been running and doing ab workouts here and there. I've lost five-ish pounds so far, and I definitely feel more refreshed and energized. Also, I sorta like the looseness of my jeans now.

What's your workout routine like?


The Getty Villa

My mom and I had some time off so we decided to visit The Getty Villa in Malibu yesterday. The weather was cool and breezy; absolutely perfect for spending the day meandering around a museum.

Just realized that I didn't take pictures of any artifacts whatsoever... whoops.